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Full kandi mask depicting a blue lion. The lion is from the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses released on the Nintendo Switch in the year 2019. As the name indicates there are three houses in the game: golden deer, black eagles, and blue lions. I got the idea to make masks based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses after streaming the game with my friend. We were playing from my Nintendo Switch, he found out I went with Golden Deer, and Mark revealed he went with Black Eagles. In the game we play as a character named Byleth a mercenary turned professor at the monastery. Byleth must choose a house to serve as professor. I chose Golden Deer and Mark picked Black Eagles.


I imagined person A at a rave wearing a mask reflecting a house they chose in the game and person recognizes the house, inquires, discovers they found a fellow fire emblem enthusiast, and they end up talking about the game becoming life long friends.


The pattern is a lion facing forward. Colors are blue, yellow, and a lighter shade of yellow. I kept the mane blue and the face is the light shade of yellow. The sides of the mask is a darker yellow to give the mask a bit of pop color. I decided to make the lion’s face a shade lighter of yellow to match the character Dimitri’s hair. Dimitri is the house leader of the Blue Lions. His hair is blonde, bright close to platinum but still yellow tone. Because Dimitri is the house leader of Blue Lions, I really wanted to have one of his characteristic’s infused in the mask.

Blue Lions Full Mask

    • Pony Beads: Blue, Yellow, Light Yellow
    • Fishing Line
    • Super Stretchy Cord
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