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Game: SoulWorker

Developer: Lion Games

Publisher: GAMEFORGE

Reviewed Platform: PC, Steam

Launched first in Japan in 2015 and 2018 in North America

SoulWorker is a MMORPG. You have the choice of playing solo or with other players.


Your character wakes up and your last memory is when a portal called the Void first appeared causing disaster upon the world. You follow a child-like figure, encounter a demon wolf creature, try to fight it, way over your head, and then rescued by a couple people with a military vehicle. Once at the home base you learn years have passed and everything you knew is gone. You are also told you came out of the Void and you’re not the first human to do so. Those who have appeared from the Void somehow acquired exceptional abilities, they are called SouldWorkers, they benefit humanity in the fight against demons released from the Void. There is so much mystery. What is the Void? Where did it come from? What is on the other side of the portal? If demons come from the Void, why were you in the Void and released? Why do you have powers?


The player has a choice out of 6 characters. Each character is unique with their own story, personality, weapon class, and etc.

  • Haru

  • Weapon Class: Soulum

  • Emotion: Revenge

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Erwin

  • Weapon Class: Gun Jazz

  • Emotion: Pleasure

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Lilly

  • Weapon Class: Mist Scythe

  • Emotion: Madness

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Stella

  • Weapon Class: Howling Guitar

  • Emotion: Misery

  • Difficulty: Hard

  • Iris

  • Weapon Class: Hammer Stol

  • Emotion: Rage

  • Difficulty: Hard

  • Jin

  • Weapon Class: Spirit Arms

  • Emotion: Integrity

  • Difficulty: Hard


This is a MMORPG you have the choice to play solo or with other. For the story the player is required to complete quests which usually consist in executing missions. Missions are at different districts of the city your character is located. Each mission is like a dungeon floor: walk through, fight monsters, fight the boss of the floor, and move on to next mission. Eventually you reach the final mission and fight the BIG BOSS, dungeon complete. The missions feel like hoard mode because you’re fighting off waves of demons and it gets more difficult as you progress.

In the game some characters will give mini quests. These mini quests usually have the player defeat demons, collect items, and such in missions. If you’re lucky you can do the mini quests parallel to the story. Other times a mini quest will require you to revisit a mission, the benefit is you don’t feel you’re grinding.

The controls are not easy to master right away. You’ll notice the game was originally for a keyboard because THERE ARE SO MANY COMMANDS. This game is tolerant of hand controllers but not friendly. Buttons are designated for specific commands and combos like R1 + Button1/2/3/4 are for special skills and another set of combos like L1 + Button1/2/3/4 are for advanced skills. Introduced to these combos can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. It took me a while to remember button combos to a skill and such. But it is important to use special skills because you won’t play the game smoothly with only basic attacks.

Players will learn new special skills throughout the game and will be able to assign them to Buttons 1-4. Skill points will be gained throughout the game and can be put to improving skills. Skills can be customized in combo sequences. These combos can help utilize the skills without needing to hit each skill one at a time. For example, instead of R1 + B1, R1+B2, R1+B3 the player can hold R1+B2 and a sequence of three skills max will automatically enact.


Graphics are pretty impressive for a free game on steam. I would say graphics are comparable RWBY developed by Rooster Teeth. The theme is dark which matches the post demon-apocalyptic world. Colors pop when your character fights, there are streaks of color depicting the motion or your character’s weapon. Its colorful, bright, and stimulating. Fighting graphics is like showman ship to project how epic the skills are.


Along with the graphics the music helps with creating epic-ness vibe. There isn’t much exploring unless you’re in the city meaning calm tranquil music is the minority of the game. Most of the time you’re in missions fighting demons listening to a variety of instruments with a lot of electric guitar AND vocals. Listening to the music alone I can picture a symphony putting energy into the instruments.

Links for more info:

Soulworker Website

Lion Games


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