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God Wars: The Complete Legend


Developer: Kadokawa Games

Publisher: NIS America

Review Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: Sept. 4, 2018

Also available: PS4, PSVITA


GOD WARS: The Complete Legend is a complete version of Future Past with a lot more content and gameplay. This game is a tactical turn based RPG that explores the untold history of Japan through folklore and tactical combat.


In a land called Mizuho there consists three nations: Fuji, Izumo, and Hyuga. The people valued their ancestral spirits, didn’t cause conflicts, and lived in harmony with nature. Then they developed cultivation technology and prioritized obtaining natural resources, metal. The people combed through the mountains for metal without a care to nature and set forth to gain more land resources through battles with other nations. The ancestral spirits were neglected and as a result the Myriad Gods were angered creating floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions all over the land of Mizuho.

The Queen of the Fuji Nation, Tsukuyomi, believed sacrificing her daughter, Sakuya a child with strong spiritual powers,

would appease the gods and prevent the destruction of the world. The sacrifice was a success.

Fearing for the next time the gods were angered Queen Tsukuyomi confined her other daughter, Kaguya, as the next sacrifice. Then suddenly Queen Tsukuyomi disappeared, and 13 years passed. The people of Fuji didn’t know what happened or where their queen went but knew Princess Kaguya was meant to be the next sacrifice should anything happened. Princess Kaguya fed up from waiting (13 years) escaped from her prison and went on a search for her mother looking for answers. And this is where the game begins…..


We start at the FUJI NATION

Kaguya: Third daughter of the Queen of Fuji, Tsukuyomi. In case the gods were angry again Kaguya was set to be the sacrifice and was confined until that day came.

Kintaro: Childhood friend of Kaguya, with his inhuman strength he helped Kaguya escape and is a member of her party during the journey through Mizuho.

Kuma: A Myriad God from Mount Fuji. He formed a strong bond with Kintaro and in a form of a bear he acts as tank in their party.


Hansaka: Another Myriad God who once served Queen Tsukuyomi

Then we travel to the other nations and gain more allies.....


Susanoo: King of Izumo, focuses on developing the economy and technology.

Ookuninushi: Eldest son of Susanoo. He took an interest in Kaguya and decided to help her.


Amaterasu: Queen of Hyuga, focuses on expanding her territory.

Momotaro: Eldest son of Amaterasu. Talented, full of spirit, and makes calculated decisions.

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Battle maps feature an isometric view.

Allies are positioned in relation to the enemies on the 3D map. The player must consider height and distance when maneuvering characters. Attacks' range are limited. Attacks are more effective from the side or behind the enemy. Attacks lose power at lower ground and more power at higher ground.

**Note: Its important for the player to understand each allies' job(s) in the party because it will tremendously affect strategy.

  • Front Attacker

  • Front Defender

  • Mid Row

  • Back Row

In a turn based RPG the battle order is determined by the speed of each character. When every character has taken their actions, it counts as one turn.

When characters attack enemies or heal allies, their "impurity" increases. The higher their impurity is, the more likely they will be targeted by enemies. Players need to manage the impurity of their characters to gain an advantage in battle. For example, Kuma’s skill taunt increases his impurity causing enemies to focus on him while enemies are distracted allies are put in favorable positions to gain the upper hand.

Through jobs characters gains Skills, special abilities performed in battle that consume MP. There are over 400 skills ranging from combat to support.

Secret Skills are powerful skills that can only be unleashed by charging the Secret Skill Gauge (flower petals) during battle. Secret Skills are unlocked as the player progresses through the story.