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Immortals Fenyx Rising - PS5

Publisher – Ubisoft

Developer - Ubisoft

Review Platform – PS5

Release Date – Dec. 3, 2020

Also available - NS, Xbox, PS4, PC

Immortal Fenyx Rising is an open world RPG Ubisoft created inspired by the research they accumulated for Assassins Creed Odyssey.


From Greek Mythology Typhon, the deadliest Titan in, is free from imprisonment, out for revenge and succeeding. He has already made the gods powerless by reducing their forms and severing their godly essence. All the heroes are corrupted and most of humanity was turned to stone. Then we have Fenyx, a human who hasn’t turned to stone, set out to turn everyone back to normal and in order to do that Fenyx needs to restore the gods and their essence and together defeat Typhon.


Zeus – Kings of the gods visits Prometheus to call on his help to defeat Typhon (narrator)

Prometheus – Titan chained atop a mountain (narrator). Strikes up a deal with Zeus, he predicts a mortal will defeat Typhon and if the mortal does not, he will help Zeus but if the mortal does then Zeus sets Prometheus free.

Fenyx – A young storyteller and shield bearer washed up on the shore of the Golden Isle.

Hermes – Messenger god, helps Fenyx because he thinks Fenyx is the prophesized hero of Olympus who can defeat Typhon and save the world.

Gods need to be saved – Aphrodite, Aries, Athena, Hephaestus


Customize your character’s appearance. As players find treasure chests, they can acquire a variety of gear inspired by Greek mythology and eventually collect different color variations of the gear. Fenyx will be able to change appearance anytime on Aphrodite’s beauty chair in the Hall of the gods.

Travel by foot, mount, glide, climb, swim, or fast travel. Explore 7 unique regions each inspired by the gods. Discover fast travel points all over the Golden Isle and take advantage of high point locations like the statues of the gods to use Far Sight and reveal locations of resources, chests, Vaults of Tartaros, and more. You can do quests from the Gods, Vaults of Tartaros, solve mysterious puzzles, and battle monsters unleashed by Typhon.

The gods of Olympus bless Fenyx with gifts: the wings of Diadalos, the sword of Achilles, the bow of Odysseus, and the axe of Atalanta along with legendary powers. Use them to fight mythical monsters, solve ancient puzzles, and explore the vast open world.

Challenging Myth Puzzles – these are located throughout the Golden Isle. Use your wit and special abilities to solve challenging puzzles and mind-bending vaults or partake in high-strategy boss battles to increase your power and upgrade your skills.

Fenyx is blessed wings/sword/bow/axe and godly powers. Fenyx gathers resources across the world to craft potions and upgrade gear at the Hall of the Gods. Shards to upgrade gear, ambrosia to upgrade health, zeus’ lightning to upgrade stamina, and Coins of Charon to upgrade skills and godly powers.

Ambrosia - collected throughout the world.

Lightning bolts - collected from Vaults of Tartaros.

Coins of Charon - collected from puzzles called Myth Challenges.

Shards of Adamantine - collected through defeating enemies and opening chests.

Fenyx crafts potions from ingredients found throughout the Golden Isle. These potions are for health, stamina, attack, and defense.

Resources can also be acquired by Daily/Weekly Quests issued by Hermes.

Wings of Diadalos is not upgraded but modified by collecting skins with specific perks on them.

Variety of equipment with unique characteristics and stats can be collected throughout the world. Vaults of Tartaros will always have a chest containing a piece of gear and is sealed away behind a puzzle. From a high point using Far Sight Fenyx can reveal the locations of chests containing equipment.

There are puzzles EVERYWHERE requiring Fenyx to use wit, skills, godly powers, and manipulate the environment.


R1 - Light attacks with a sword

R2 - Heavy attacks with an axe

R1+R2 - Parry

Square - Dodge

X - Jump/Double jump

Circle - Glide

Triangle - Stealth attack pressing triangle

L2 Aim bow + R2 Shoot arrow

L1 to use Godly Powers

L2 + R1 to use Apollos arrow (this controls the direction of the arrow which is helpful for puzzles and making head shots at enemies)

Fenyx fights with R1 and R2 combos and can mix it up with dodge and parry. Its ideal to stun enemies to maximize attack power. There are a variety of enemies requiring different fighting strategies for example some enemies will have a shield and Fenyx needs to use the axe to cause some damage and stun the enemy to drop the shield. Later, Fenyx will need to be more creative by adding godly powers into the combat like throwing heavy objects to cause a lot of damage, Apollo’s arrow to make a head shot, and more. There are times attacks are not causing enough damage and it is like throwing pebbles at the enemies, this is where Fenyx will need to upgrade equipment, skills, or godly powers.


Regions are inspired by the gods each area designed from their stories.

Graphics meets the expectations of a PS5 game. Motion effects are smooth you can see the motion of the hair and grass, contrast and brightness has a fabulous balance no image is missing. The special effects are gorgeous and eye catching. The art style for Immortal Fenyx Rising is called painter art style which has not been seen before. I think this matches the theme of the game because images portraying Greek Mythology like murals are like paintings so the painter art style works.


The most memorable thing about the audio is the voice acting. The characters are SO FUNNY, especially Zeus because Prometheus is seriously telling the story and Zeus throws in jokes and obnoxious comments playing on Greek mythology stories.


  1. Upgrade skills and fight moves as much as possible, to do that Fenyx will need to do as many puzzles as possible to collects Coins of Charon

  2. Look for chests with gear

  3. Find as much Ambrosia to upgrade health

  4. Do as many Vaults of Tartaros as possible to collect Lightning Bolts to upgrade stamina because godly powers require stamina.

  5. Use Far Sight (R3) to reveal locations of ambrosia, chests, Vaults of Tartaros, Myth Challenges, puzzles, and more.


There is an in-game store. All content will be cosmetic only and have no impact on gameplay. Players will be able to acquire this content for free by completing special in-game quests


Immortal Fenyx Rising is fun because there are a lot of things to do. Explore Golden Isle and look for fast travel locations so Fenyx can discover chests or puzzles. Solve puzzles requiring Fenyx to use wit, skills, godly powers, or manipulate the environment and collect equipment or resources to upgrade skills and stats. Save cursed gods and take on their quests which usually has a puzzle for Fenyx to solve and then fight a challenging enemy. People may compare this game to BOTW because of the gliding and puzzles and that’s fine because BOTW is an awesome game and players can have something like that on the PS5 while BOTW is only available on NS. You can't play BOTW on the PlayStation..... I'm just saying.


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